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Increase Your Carotenoids For Long-Term Health

Carotenoids are a group of phyto-chemicals that are
a powerful alkalizing weapon against dietary and
metabolic acids that cause cancer. They are found
in leafy green, yellow, and some white vegetables
and many fruits.

Over 600 carotenoids are found in nature, 50 of
which are used in the human diet. Of these,
beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, beta-crytoxanthin,
and gamma-carotene can be converted by the body
into vitamin A. In this transformation, only the
amount of vitamin A needed for health is generated,
and the rest remains as the original carotenoids.
For example, whether you take 10,000 IU of beta-
carotene or a million, the amount of vitamin A
produced in the body remains the same. This makes
the carotenoids a very safe way to get your vitamin A.

Studies show that mixing some vitamin A with the
carotenoids is especially beneficial for healthy
white blood cells and for preventing any cancerous
condition. Each of the various types of carotenoids
has a different function in the body and also
accumulates in different concentrations in various
tissues and organs.

For example, lycopene from tomato, lutein from avocado
and beta and alphacarotene concentrate in the cervix
or prostate, thus playing a major role in preventing
cervical or protstate cancer. Alphacarotene, but not
beta-carotene, plays a major role in protecting the
lungs and in preventing cancerous lungs. Astaxanthin
plays a role in restoring healthy active white blood
cells in the elderly. Lycopene is especially efficient
in preventing breast and prostate cancer, while lutein
and zeaxanthin play a major role in protecting the
eyes and improving vision.

Another important function of the carotenoids is that
they stimulate detoxification, which is vital in
preventing cancerous condition and degenerative brain
disorders. A number of studies linked low blood carotene
levels with poor brain function in the elderly.

Extensive tests have shown no toxicity from even very
high doses of carotenoids, even in children and
infants. So, what about the study that linked beta-
carotene with increased rates of lung and prostate
cancer? First, the researchers used synthetic beta-
carotene with no accompanying vitamins and minerals.
All of the patients were heavy smokers, heavy drinkers,
or had been exposed to asbestos -- all factors which
contain high amounts of toxic acids, leading to
sickness and dis-ease.

Increasing your carotenoids and protecting your body
from lifestyle, dietary and metabolic acid is as simple
as drinking our new Doc Broc Power Plants.

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